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As well as the Network Rail approved signalling lamps used for train movement and shunting etc, we also manufacture a sturdy range of lamps for other areas of the rail infrastructure including banksmans lamps, and other portable spotlights for long and short distance inspection work.

Halo Plus2™ Personal Signalling Lamps

White Knight has been a leading manufacturer of Network Rail approved signalling lamps for over 25 years. We were originally approached by a Train operating company (TOC) to produce a signalling lamp that was lighter to carry and brighter than the original Bardic lamp being used at that time, partly because the weight of a train driver’s bag was becoming a health and safety issue.


The HP-11 range of Personal Signalling Lamps features the latest advances in LED Technology. Each lamp features a high performance super bright LED array in up to three colour combinations – red, amber and green. All colours conform to BS 1376 signal colours. Other specialist colour requirements available on request.


White halogen torch incorporating Red / Amber / Green LED signal lamps


Approved by Network Rail Cert. No. PA/05/965


White halogen torch incorporating Red / Amber / Green LED signal lamps


White halogen torch incorporating Red / Green LED signal lamps


White halogen torch incorporating a Red LED signal lamp

Personal Rechargeable Hand Lamps

Halo Plus2™ Torch

Industry standard rechargeable halogen torches providing a light-weight compact hand held lighting solution.

WK5 Hand Lamp

Professional halogen rechargeable hand lamps that are powerful, rugged and versatile, giving years of reliable and trouble free service.

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