Bespoke Product Design

From time to time we have request from our clients to design and develop lighting products – here are just a few the products we have developed to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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WK Egg Candling Adapter


This portable rechargeable solution (230V or vehicle) is effective in illuminating eggs for disease detection and is simplicity itself to set up and use. It has been in use by egg inspectors at the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for many years proving to be an unqualified success.

100 Watt Portable Flood Lamp Kit


Developed in conjunction with major Police Forces the 'SL-50' and 'SL-501' combination provides a powerful Hand held White Halogen Floodlight Kit for personal use. Ideal for SOC, Photography, Search, Accident Investigation and other




Conelight is a compact lightweight traffic cone beacon designed for use by all 'Blue light' Emergency Services. Conelight uses the latest LED technology to provide outstanding performance and rapid dispersion. The brilliant flash is visable even in daylight. Designed to give improved stability in wind and passing traffic, the beacon uses its battery pack to provide the cone with an extremely low centre of gravity.

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